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Buy Paranormal Dating Agency: Datign 46 Kindle Store Reviews – …4. Read 46 Kindle Store Reviews – …4. Your recently viewed items and featured recommendations. Twice the Growl Paranormal Dating Agency 1. Paranormal Date US Bambi said: This is the most amazing series you don’t want to miss and to have it bundl. When she comes face to face with her high school crush and doesn’t recognize him, will she forgive him when he doesn’t let on to his identity. Theron and Connor need their third to complete their triad. Except she isn’t sure she can handle all the help she is getting.

Piece of Tail: Paranormal Dating Agency, Book 13 (Unabridged)

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Talia Barca needs a date. Badly. She uses the services of the Paranormal Dating Agency hoping for a decent guy to take to a family wedding. A wedding her ex-husband has wormed his way into as a guest.

It is interesting to see a shifter who does not sense his mate right away. It adds a whole other level of depth to things. You also get to see them fall in love without the dragon deciding things for them. Mara Sep 12, Badly written, one of those “books” that should remain in one’s trunk. Cheesy, and for me definitely not sexy, on the contrary almost mood killing: Whatever GR says, this isn’t pages. It’s a short novella consider that to make a bigger number of chapters there’s a new one ev The stories have all been sexy and fun.

It seemed as if their story would be off the charts. Rebecca with her fiery personality and We get humor, adventure, sexy shifters and sassy women. I always love return to the Paranormal Dating Agency. Each book brings us a new couple. Carmen Pescod Sep 04, One of the best short reads I have ever read!

Curves Em Right Bbw Paranormal Shape Shifter Romance Paranormal Dating Agency Volume 4

Celeste is a young, independent she-wolf, and she’s done with men after an abusive relationship that ended badly. Milan is a stubborn, ruggedly handsome werewolf, and he’s done with women. Well, he’s still doing them. He isn’t dating them any longer, though, and swore off girlfriends when he found his in his cousin’s bed. If it were up to Celeste and Milan their paths would never cross.

Paranormal Dating Agency. Geraldine Wilder is an interspecies matchmaker with a % success rate. Human, feline, canine, bear, dragon or alien – Gerri can help anyone find their perfect match.

He is a founding member of the Storytellers School of Toronto and has been a feature storyteller at festivals across North America, England and Australia. He has won several awards for his efforts in promoting literacy and was the first recipient of The National Symposium on Arts Education Award for innovation and advocacy in Arts Education in Canada. More information on Bob Barton can be found on his website: Shaun Bradley Gary Barwin is a writer, composer, multimedia artist, and educator and the author of 17 books of poetry and fiction as well as books for both teens and children.

His work has been widely performed, broadcast, anthologized and published nationally and internationally, and has been commissioned by the CBC. He received a PhD. Barwin has given hundreds of readings and performances in Canada and internationally. He lives in Hamilton, Ontario with his family and a fear of the family car.

Twice the Growl (Paranormal Dating Agency #1) by Milly Taiden

They involve a woman looking for love, and finds it with a male. But it gets a lot more complicated than that. These books can be read as stand alone works. This is a series of books that are meant for those who like to read about sex with dirty language. For those that want something that is a little tamer, should look elsewhere. A woman named Talia Barca is in need of a date.

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Vikter and Becca’s story is a little tamer than the previous books in the series when it comes to the sexy time but I LOVED all the heart that was provided in this story. This specific video review will be included in the August wrap-up. For other video book reviews check out my YouTube Channel: Steph’s Rom Book Talk. The stories have all been sexy and fun.

It seemed as if their story would be off the charts. Rebecca with her fiery personality and Vikter with his quiet, broody strength. But I have to say, the Vikter in the story made it really difficult for me to enjoy Scaling Her Dragon as much as I enjoyed Oh he is great like all the alpha males in the PDA series he needs Ms wilder to help him. Which I love the whole Idea of the Paranormal Dating Agency it makes a fun aspect to these stories with the spunky speaks her mind Gerri Wilder.


From 11 Reviews Share this book! Cari wants to find a date for her high school reunion. Forget about finding love. She’s ready for some hawt, no-holds-barred sex with a hot alpha shifter. Wilder can hook her up with a hottie. What she doesn’t expect is to find her date doing naughty things in the woods.

The history of Skinwalker Ranch. In northern Utah there exists a “ranch” so strange, so bizarre, that the National Institute for Discovery Science (owned by Las Vegas businessman and billionaire Bob Bigelow) purchased it solely for scientific research d in the Uintah Basin near the town of Fort Duchesne, paranormal phenomenon such as strange creatures, bizarre objects.

Share this article Share A former detective with the world-renowned Pinkerton agency, Nickell has gone undercover for his paranormal investigations. He has shaved his moustache, walked with a cane and done a number of things to fool his suspects, who know his usual persona all too well. In the case of lake monsters, for instance, a few otters swimming in a line can create the illusion of one large creature, he said.

Otters exist everywhere in the world except Australia, which could explain the variations on the monster, he added. Throughout his research he did, however, befriend costume maker Phillip Morris, who claimed he made the gorilla suit for the infamous Bigfoot film. Nickell has gone on numerous lake-monster expeditions, often for a television documentary or series.

Paranormal Dating Agency Volume Three

Action packed paranormal romance with spunk and heart. This story has it all! George has woven a sexy tale of intrigue, lust, and love interspersed with her signature sense of humor. Be it a lonely mother conspiring to get her son mated so he will stay away from fighting overseas. Her capable accomplice, the indomitable paranormal matchmaker, Gerri Wilder.

Paranormal Dating Agency Book 4 – STANDALONE BBW Paranormal Shape Shifter Romance A BBW in search of love + two sexy wolf shifters ready to claim her as their mate = Sizzling Ménage Romance.

Cue the handcart to Hell… Did Fate have to throw one more curve ball into his quest for a happily ever after? Well, of course She did. Did the Universe really have such a perverse sense of humor? And who in the Heavens is this tiny platinum-haired woman who refuses to take no for an answer? Did she say something about a dating agency for paranormals? No way…time to get off the ride. His one night stand has left him with more than new ink.

Alone is better than eternity with…with…that. The Universe does make mistakes. Fate will be denied…or will it? Bearback Bride by Liv Brywood Arizona needs to get married immediately. Their arrangement is only supposed to last a few weeks, but will their unexpected passion burn hot enough to last a lifetime? Angela Reeves is an investigative reporter on the trail of several missing women.

My five favourite Shifter Romance reads

Mon, 17 Sep Okay time for a different editor Okay story but really bad editing about half way through. The main character states taking about children ages ashtray buried without getting pregnant then talks as if events that happened never happened!!! Though the overall story was good the editing made this a bad read. It moved too quickly past the challenges of finding yourself in a foreign world and expected to be a princess let alone a mate to three men.

I never did like the Prince. You have got action,love and romance in this book.

Geraldine Wilder is an interspecies matchmaker with a % success rate. Human, feline, canine, bear, dragon or alien – Gerri can help anyone find their perfect match.

Although Chase and Kelli know in their hearts who they want. Their heads and duty push them in a different direction. Due to the town being made up with a mish mash of varying breeds of shifter, the hierarchy is abnormal, the customs and traditions strange yet inflexible. Can Gerri help set thing right? This was an interesting look into a unique shifter community. How the old ways fight against the new.

Oh My Roared Paranormal Dating Agency Audiobook 12

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